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20L Portable Outdoor Camping Shower. Camping Bathing Equipment. Solar Heating Water Bag

20L Portable Outdoor Camping Shower. Camping Bathing Equipment. Solar Heating Water Bag

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Brand Name: None


Capacity: 20L


Weight: 425g

Size: 50*47cm/19.69*18.5 in

Material: PVC


20L Outdoor Camping Shower Water Bag Solar Heating Portable Shower Camping Hiking Climbing Bath Equipment ducha portatil camping
Material: compound plaid + PVC
Spread out: 50*47cm; Catheter 49 cm long
Storage size: 29*12cm
Capacity: 20L

Product features:
Portable solar shower bag, temperature design: Endothermic design, direct sunlight for 3 hours to heat water to 113°C. Lightweight, foldable design, easy to carry.
Premium shower head Camping shower bag: Comes with hose, shower head and faucet. Upgraded shower heads offer easy on/off switches for low flow to high flow and easy rotation. Bring you a better shower experience!
Outdoor shower bag is environmentally friendly and durable: This camping shower bag is made of PVC non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, which is not harmful to human health. The shower bag has a sturdy handle and reinforced plastic tube to make it more durable, and the front bag is designed to help you store some shower accessories.

1. Before first use, wash the shower bag with a teaspoon of soda and warm water;
2. After filling with enough water, the transparent side is fully exposed to sunlight;
3. Generally, it can be used for about 3 hours after the sun shines in summer. After filling with water, it can continue to bathe for about 10 minutes.

1. If you need to add hot water, please do not exceed 50 degrees.
2. Please test the water temperature before taking a bath. If it is too hot, add cold water.
3. The water inside is not fit to drink.
4. Please clean the water when not in use.
5. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the bag. The water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees, otherwise the life of the bath bag will be affected.










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