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Portable Airbrush for Models, Nails, Tattoos, Cake Decorating, Oxygen Spa Treatment, Nozzle Mist 0.3mm Spray. High Pressure for Deep Skin

Portable Airbrush for Models, Nails, Tattoos, Cake Decorating, Oxygen Spa Treatment, Nozzle Mist 0.3mm Spray. High Pressure for Deep Skin

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Brand Name: beiyakaS



Power Source: USB Charger

Material: Plastic

Certification: CE

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Model Number: penqiang01

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Choice: yes


Portable Airbrush for Model Nail Tattoo Cake Decorating Oxygen Spa Treatment Mist 0.3mm Nozzle Spray High Pressure for Deep Skin

Handheld oxygen injection device: nano water replenishment + high pressure oxygen injection + facial cleansing + absorption promotion, multiple skin care, make your skin moist, smooth and full of vitality.

【USB CHARGE MODE】There is no need to connect the mini airbrush to any power supplies because it is cordless. You can charge it by computer, charger or power bank just via a USB cable. The duration of working hour can last up to 40-60 minutes after it is fully charged.
【PORTABLE MINI AIRBRUSH KIT】ABS material + frosted shell, lighter in weight and less burden on hands. Even if you work for a long time, your hands will not feel tired. The one-handed compressor spray gun is so small that you can put it in your backpack or just in your pocket. This Melliflous portable feature which can help you do your creative DIY work without charging all the time is of great convenience.
【HIGH POWER】Save much more time than handmade drawing and excellent for your spray painting business. As the intensity of pressure of the airbrush gun reaches up to 150-160 kpa, the airbrush gun can spray more liquid or pigments, delicately and uniformly. Do not add any cosmetics other than liquid ones. High-concentration product must be diluted with mineral water.

【WIDESPREAD USE】This portable cordless mini airbrush gun kit is in possession of a wide range of application and it can be widely used in cake decoration, art painting, beauty make-up, nail art, handicrafts, model coloring, illustration and temporary tattoos.It is also a cake airbrush decorating kit and edible printers for cake decorating. Even works as a shoe paint kit for sneakers. A handy tool you don't want to miss out on for all of your creativity.


❤ 1 SPRAY≈5 MASK. The makeup airbrush works with skin care products like toner, lotion, essence or hyaluronic acid, promotes deep and efficient absorption of nutrition, shrink pores, diminish wrinkles and improve skin tone, leaves your skin elastic and shiny. It only takes 60 seconds to complete a deep skin care.
❤ The makeup airbrush compresses the skin care water into very small molecular water under high pressure, and injects it into the depths of the skin through high pressure. The end of the rotating spray gun can adjust the density and amount of spray according to the needs, so as to spray different atomization effects.
❤ 3 gears are adjustable, you can adjust the gears according to your own skin condition and usage time, and absorb nutrition more in place.

【Easy to Clean】This airbrush painting kit comes with 2 different capacity paint cups(20CC, and 40CC). The unique funnel shape allows for the efficient flow of paint and also for easy cleaning with the brushes, which makes it the best tool for beginners and experienced painters.

【Perfect Gift】The airbrush package is beautiful and in good quality. airbursh is perfect gift for your loved ones to make lives more colorful.

Important Notes:

* Read the manual carefully before first use, any questions, find the proper solution in manual rather than deal with model airbrush kit by yourself.

1. Please inject warm water or alcohol spray once before use (clean the inner wall of Airbrush).make sure that the airbrush is not clogged.

2. If the airbrush is not able to spray liquid, it maybe caused by that the fluid control knob is too tight,please adjust the tail screw.Or it may be caused by blocked nozzle,please remove and clean the nozzle following the steps of how to clean.Or Please try to adjust the fluid control knob or clean the nozzle with alcohol or detergent.melliflous.

3.When finishing the spraying work or have to stop for more than 10 minutes, please use the cleaning brush to clean the airbrush cavity, nozzle, and fluid cup thoroughly in time.

4. After 30 minutes of continuous use, the air compressor should be turned off for a few minutes to cool down.

5. Don't soak your airbrush since the the airbrush is not waterproof.

6. Don't soak your airbrush. Even though it might sound like a simple cleaning solution, doing so will actually damage the more sensitive parts of the tool.

7. Please use water-based makeup foundations instead of oil-based makeup foundations, you need to use makeup foundations made for airbrushes otherwise it will clog the nozzle.


Item Type:0.3-0.4mm Nozzle Airbrush
Output:7.4V or 3.7V

Size:23cm *18cm* 6cm

Battery capacity: 750mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Use time: 30 minutes (continuous power on)
Indicator: charging (red light), fully charged (green light), working (green light)Nozzle Diameter:0.3mm
Fluid Cup Capacity:20cc+40cc

Package Includes:

1*Main Machine
1*Spray gun

2*Water Tank
1*USB Cord

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